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This project dose what it says! it provides a virtual joystick in windows xp (not sure how it works with other os), it relies on ppjoy being installed. it is a work in progress and I am waiting on help with the future development. but the main thing is we now have a platform that allows us to get the wiimote and all of its add on's to talk to a windows application via the interface it is expecting.
at the moment I am awaiting interest from you, lets see who is interested and how far we can develop this project.
Links bellow but hey! Brian Peek and his wiimote lib - what can I say! ppjoy - great!, ppjoywrapper lib - just the job. all I have done is joined them all together and many of you out there could do a better job than me, what this does well is to allow guys like me, not too hot at high level programming, get their hands on the mapping and scaling of digital and analogue signals and get to try it out on you favourite game. As you will see there is a page of code called wmotetoppjoy.vb that contains all the mapping, nice and easy to understand.
Latest news 16/7/09 multiple wii motes to joysticks are now supported, wiimote 1 maps to ppjoy virtual joystick 1 and so on.
I have started work on a gui and custom mapping

ppjoy -
ppjoywrapper -
wiimotelib -

Aaron Murgatroyd has written a great application on the same lines at

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